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When I was younger, I had so little money to manage, that I only paid by cash and watched every penny like a hawk.

I could tell you at any time exactly, to the penny how much I had in the bank and when any payment was due.

Do you remember those years?

The funny thing is that I had less stress back then. 

Over the years as life got more and more complicated, I started noticing a nagging feeling in my stomach.

I knew it was stress – from too much of this – too much of that.

One of the biggest sources was the constant trying to catch up on bills.

To pay as much off as possible on mounting credit card debt – I don’t think that there is anything I hate more than paying interest. 

To do that meant working harder – always running as fast as possible to make as much money as possible to pay down the credit cards.

The funny thing is, that at the same time I was putting my health on the line with all of the stress, aging myself and getting plain worn out by trying to pay for them, I was still using the cards.

How much sense does that make?

One day after watching Suse Orman on Oprah I decided enough.

I was going to nail this. Today.

So I sat down and made a plan.

A plan with 2 major changes.

1 – I started paying for everything with cash.

2 – I stopped using the cards.

In a few hours I created a new system that was simple and easy to follow.

It took changing some habits.



From day one I had a feeling of peace from inside that I hadn’t had in years.

Come to think of it, it probably wasn’t since we last had control of our finances many years ago.

Even stranger, I was seeing other benefits that I never would have imagined.

More family time was one of them.

Healthier eating.

More food! (never saw that one coming) 

More satisfaction with what we have rather than a constant search for more.

If you look at all of those, you will notice that they all involve increase.

Of the right things.

I started my new plan with a simple piece of paper.

As I used it I improved it and created a package of worksheets to make it plug and go.

The first time out, I saved minimum $40. I figure it was more like $60.

The second time, I saved another $55.

I wasn’t even trying.

The magic was that I didn’t WANT to spend money.

Once you’re there, you’ve won half the battle.

That’s how I know that if your spending has been out of control – something that you haven’t really been thinking about – just doing it – you can save a LOT of money with my system and start paying down those cards- and stop throwing your money away on interest.

Making Change – the Stash the Cash Simple Budget System will help you to save money.

Lot’s of money.

I know because it’s the only thing that has worked for me in years.

I started using it a few weeks ago and I’ve easily saved upwards of $200.

Cash savings just because I didn’t spend money I normally would have.

And I haven’t missed a thing.

In fact, I have a sense of fulfillment.

Better than any shopping trip and the feeling of guilt and ‘more stuff’ that comes with it. 

It’s not a million but it’s getting us were we want to be.


Since it’s new, and many of you reading this have been reading my blog for awhile now, I want to give you a head start.
You can get all that you need to use the same simple system that I’ve been using for nothing.

You read that right!I would like you to try it out.

If you find that you start spending less money, which I am SURE you will do right out of the gate if you use it, especially if your spending has been out of control, send me a donation through paypal for what ever amount you see fit.

I’ll send details along with the system.

Grab it while the getting is good, this may be a time limited offer. 


This isn’t complicated. It’s not put together by an accountant or money expert.

I put it together. I can tell you. It’s simple!

I’m a wife and mom of 3 who has been working too hard and waiting too long to get the bills paid.
It’s working for me. I know it can work for you too.

Try it today.

No Charge. 

Get your free worksheets and workbook.

Making Change – Stash the Cash Simple Home Budget System. 

Making Change - Stash the Cash Money Management System

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