I hope that you enjoy my Up Close and Personal Video Series where I enjoy talking to you about all kinds of things of things that may effect your success around the house and in your work/personal life as well. I love to ponder!

If you have any comments or questions, go ahead and put them in the comments section below, I would love to hear from you.

How To Use

Choose the video that looks most interesting to you and apply it to what ever you are doing today. Tomorrow go ahead and choose another one.

OR you can go more in depth and begin to develop the habit by using the topic of one video for a week instead.

Watch it every day if it helps, it can be a great way to start the day – add you may catch something different each time you listen to it. Or you may get bored!.

In that case think of one way you can apply your theme to your day and focus on that for the day.

Be Pro-Active

How, Why and When you can be proactive at home.


What Do You Control?


Often we forget the things that are in our control…


Coming Up…

What CAN You Do?

Ask yourself this question and go do it!

The Problem With Perfection…

Perfection isn’t always pretty…

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