Make Better Use of Your Most Annoying Cupboard With Stations 

What is your nastiest, most pain in the rear cupboard or shelf in your kitchen?

That’s the one that we are tackling today.

You’ll know it, it will be the first one that comes to mind. The one that slows you down, messes you up and generally annoys you and doesn’t cooperate!


The one that you put off using at all until you ‘get it organized’. Maybe an area that you had set aside to help you – such as a baking station, health food station, children’s lunch making station.


They can be THE ANSWER to a lot of our problems.

I wrote about that here (it’s a must read) – Stations Everyone!)

Set your timer and take 5 minutes to sort, wipe and get rid of anything you aren’t using.

Replace with a goal in mind (how to make mornings easier, how to make baking easier, how to make an repetitive task easier by creating a station.)

Then step back and enjoy the new functionality and one less source of ‘mess stress’.


Stations Everyone

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  1. This activity made the most difference so far. I took the laundry basket to the kitchen, emptied in the washer, and used the basket to empty, sort and reorganize the cabinet of contraptions. Taking advantage of your advice to donate these extra appliances, or store them…where, you guessed it cabinet #1. Found duplicate items, lost parts etc. and wahed the shelf liners. I call this “spring cleaning”, maybe spring will come earlier from the effort.

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