There are two things that you must pay attention to if you find yourself floundering amongst a sea of discord.

Or to put it another way…

In order to create the life that we really want for ourselves and our kids, we need to choose what is important.

Because sadly – we can’t have it ALL – actually as anyone who had tried to have it all can tell you – it’s not really so sad.


Simple can be so much more satisfying…

And we need to put our energies to it with enough effort and consistency to make it happen.

Such as a hammer hitting a nail, over and over.

That’s how it works.

Does hitting it hard once work?

No, but hitting it lightly a hundred times might.

Hit it hard a hundred times and guess what happens.


We need to decide what our nail is, find our hammer and use it until the job is finished.

We need to identify our PRIORITIES and then FOCUS on them.

Sometimes when things are magnified outside of the normal everyday things become much clearer.

Here is a true story that really illustrated this for me.



So, why not spend some time today deciding on what you would most like to do or have in your life and take the first step.

And then take another one tomorrow.

And the day after that.

It’s as much a remembering as an act.

Remember that and you will be good to go :0)

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Jan Ferrante

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