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We finally got our first 'real snow', the kind that you have to through your winter boots on to go out and frolic about – or take the dog for a walk.

It meant the first day out for my son to test out the ski doo he saved for and finally got – like a kid on Christmas morning pitter pattering down the stairs.

So I snapped a few pictures of my baby and his new toy.

First Winter Skidoo Ride

Finally, the big moment has arrived…

First Winter Skidoo Ride

And he's off!


First Winter Skidoo Ride

Where's that darn power steering when you need it?

Snoop E. The Snow Dog

Hey!! Wait for me!!

Then as I had my nose on the computer (well not really ON the computer but you know what I mean), my husband said LOOK! so I looked and and there was a nice buck standing almost right outside my office window.

He grabbed the camera and I got another picture. Unfortunately I forgot to turn on the flash, I'm assuming that's why it has a blueish tinge, but you can see it.

I had seen (aka almost ran over) him on the road the day before, I recognize him because he is not so delicate as the deer ladies that I usually see.

Deer In Back Yard

It was nice to that he survived hanging around on the road and made it to our back yard!

It was interesting, as soon as I turned on the camera he looked and stayed rock still for a long time – he had heard it from where he was. They must have extremely sensitive hearing.

It's another beautiful day here again this morning. I am going to snap a few more pictures when I take Snoop E. Dog and his sidekick the deva dog for a walk. 

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  1. Hi Michele! I’m glad that you like them, I’m planning to make much better use of my camera this year!

    A few days after this there were two young does (sp?) on the road. They walked for awhile and then bounded over a fence and across a farmer’s field. I wish that I had brought my camera, they were so pretty and delicate.

    It’s really nice to hear from you, hope you have a great holiday season!! Do you have your soaps online?

    If you do, can you post your url here, I’d love to see what you’re up to!

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