I snapped a few pictures this week down my driveway. It never ceases to amaze me how beautiful it looks year after year after the much dreaded snow gets here

Waiting for the bus on a snowy day

That's my daughter waiting for the bus. I often wonder if she realizes how lucky she is to live in a snow globe.

Shovelling the Driveway

We have someone to plow the driveway, thank goodness, but my husband likes to clean it up anyway. I think it just gives him a reason to get out there. It's good fresh air and exercise at any rate! We didn't get the 'monster' snow fall that hit just 1/2 hour south of here and closed down major highways and put the town in a state of snow emergency. Lucky us!

Note: Now that my husband finally moved his old broken down pick up from the end of the driveway – my son has decided to carry on the tradition until he can sell it for parts. I guess it could be pink flamingoes. Glurps

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  1. Hey Sally! Nice to see you :0)

    I’m getting in the habit of taking more pictures, I’ve been working on some ‘5 minute fixes’ before and after’s so I’ll have a few up here soon.

    I’m really glad that you are enjoying the newsletters. Thanks very much, you’ve made my day!!

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