Martha Stewart?

It's officially the first day of 2010.

If this morning is any indication, it's going to be a productive year.

I woke up and immediately started cleaning up and arranging some new plants that I bought for our bathroom yesterday.

Then I went downstairs and washed the dishes that were on the counter from our 'festivities'. (that's hot chocolate and munchies these days. I can tell you, it's not so bad in the morning!)

Then I got a hankering to do meal planning and got really excited about our counter top that is finally being finished.

Then I brought my tea in to sit back down in bed and type this up on my laptop, adding a dab of lavender essential oil to my pillow – I did it last night too!

There's only one explanation for all of this.

Last night when I went to sleep I must have had a visit from the ghost of Martha Stewart of New Year's past – or something like that.


How are you feeling this morning? Or should I ask. Glurps

Don't worry, you will come around to 2010 with the rest of, a little later.

All of this got me thinking, not for the first time…


I'm thinking a monthly theme to help us to focus and develop good habits.

Along with information and support to put easy, simple systems in place to get it done and keep it that way. To make it more fun.

To make time with the family. Time for you too. 

No more guilt for the things we aren't doing because we will be doing them.  

It would be affordable, I want everyone to use it and love it and feel good in passing it along to their friends.

The place for us KAOS magnets to stick together

… and combat KAOS of course :0)

I'd really like to do this so I'm willing to bribe you with lots of freebies inside as well as very low first in pricing. Laughing That's very low by normal mom standards, NOT very low as in ONLY $100 per month you lucky devil you. I'm thinking somewhere about $7 per month with a few first month free membership prizes up for grabs.


Tell me what you think below.

Yay or Nay? 




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