January 13, 2009
Morning Routines - Your Power Platform

 After a horrendous time over the holidays (no power for 5 days and then dealing with a backed up septic for another 3 put a damper on things!), I'm finally feeling like things are getting back to normal.

I'm back to my morning routine which puts 2 major components on auto pilot of what it takes to be happy – Good Health (I do Fit Yummy Mummy) and Order – in the form of my BOOST Housework Schedule.


I also read for 1/2 hour first thing.

The book I am working through right now is Tony Robbins, "Awaken the Giant Within". I highlight and take notes (much of what I am learning will almost certainly find its way to this blog, one way or the other, so it's good for you too!)

I don't close the book without choosing one take away for the day. Otherwise it would be a waste of time.

Much in the same way that I hope you will use this blog and the information, tips and resources in it.

Choose one thing every time you read to work on through the day. Write it down as a quick tip for you to refer to.

If you have a family planner, write it in there for the day's focus. 

I also do a 5 minute facial steam most mornings – it makes me feel so clean and seems to make it easier to breath.

And I brush my teeth with my sonic care toothbrush – including the in between tooth and tongue brushing tool. I can't tell you how much cleaner my mouth feels when I go the whole 9 yards. I'm willing to bet that I'd be a fair bit richer from having better check ups at the dentist if I had started this a few years ago too.


These seem like little things, but I can't stress how much better I feel when I am ready to start the work day. 

I have to get up quite early, usually 4:15 (I trick myself by keeping my alarm old time, it says 5:15 so it doesn't feel so early to me), but since I work at home I take a 20 min nap during the day.

If you work out of the home you may be able to do your housework routine at night and even your exercises, although I really find doing them in the morning gives me some great energy through the day.

You could read for 15 minutes in the morning to help you to set the tone for the day. Just make it something uplifting and something that will give you one take away to use for the day.

How about taking a minute right now to create your own morning 'power platform' to start the day out right.


Maybe the single biggest benefit of doing this is that it really does set the tone for the morning, because it gives an amazing sense of accomplishment and takes a load off right away.

No more stressing about when you are going to do these things.

Give it a try.

Come back and let us know how it goes! 

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