today is Wing It Wednesday, What Can You Do Fast? Get It Done Now and Enjoy Your Day!!

Ladies, set your timers!

2 minutes.

Grab the first task you think of that you would like to get started, get finished or get out of the way and GO!

A Few Ideas…

  • Stuff you are tired of looking at and just want to get out of your way already…
  • Stuff that is just minutes away from being out of your life, to never have to be looked at again…
  • Stuff that you have been tripping over or has othewise been in your way –

otherwise known as the quick pick up

Just Stuff. Any Stuff. Anywhere. Anytime – well… Right Now…


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Jan Ferrante

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  1. Your Royal Magesty,
    I hope I’m in the right place now to say my DAY 3 five minute fix is done, but needs to be finished after work today…just saying it needs more attention than time allows!
    I left a comment somewhere in this cyberthing to report my DAY 2 is fixed, with some help, and a pile of green veggies were tended to. Judy (kahtness@aol)

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