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  1. hahaha – that’s funny. 🙂 I love my boost action plan… I just need to actually DO it instead of admire it…. :\

    Way to go Janice. 🙂 You are my inspiration for getting things done.

  2. Thanks Lisa. You made my day!

    Just grab it, plug in one 5 minute task and start doing it at the same time every day to get you started.

    It doesn’t have to be the same task, what ever you like.

    And don’t forget to give yourself a check mark, that’s the fun part :0)

    If you want to try, you can plug in two tasks and circle the second one as something else you want to do that day.

    Then when you find yourself with 5 minutes, go ahead and do it, then rub out the circle and give yourself another check mark.

    Try to aim for 2 points every day.

    I keep a running log of points on the side, it helps me to keep my minimum up :0)

    The point thing is a new addition that I’ve been trying out, I’ll put more about it in the BOOST group (maybe not til next week, my internet is working on and off right now and won’t be fixed until then)

    One more thing (isn’t there always :0), keep it where you will see it.

    And you can even make one for each of the boys.

    Give them their own with their own task on it for them to do when
    you do theirs. Let them choose it. Just set the ground rule that it
    has to be something that improves something.

    A step in the right direction.

    They might like the fun of using the timer.

    Nice to hear from you!!

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