If there is one thing that can make the biggest difference in almost anything I would say that it’s being proactive in both your mindset and your follow through.

It is going to be the featured theme our first week in the No KAOS Zone because it is central to almost anything that you might want to accomplish – even keeping your house in order.

I did a video about it talking about being proactive in general.

I also did one that goes a little deeper into the how, why and when of it to help you to use it in our daily life, and to see just how important it is.

Every week ‘in the zone’ I will be doing a private video that will go deeper into the focus of the week.

This week in video #2 I’m posting it here for everyone to see since everything isn’t up and running yet. I don’t want anyone to fall behind before we get started! The new year is always such prime time to be motivated.

Next week I am hoping that the private area with additional printables, resources, more video and lots of goodies to come will be up and running to keep you motivated and on track. You can see more information and how to get started below.

Avoid Overwhelm – Think Pro-Active


#2 – In The Zone


wondering about the hair?

If you’re wondering about the hair, I tell you at the end!


I want the No KAOS Zone to be a place were I can let me hair down (or up!) and to keep it real. That will mean more fun (I love to laugh at myself – it’s a lot better than crying!) and more telling it like it is so that we can get to the real issues and the things that really work – and start doing the things you want to do this year besides stepping over piles and planning to do things ‘when the house is clean’.

If you would like to get into the No KAOS Zone at a discount, get the jump right now with your copy of the ‘My Clean House Simple Housework System’ — it’s newly updated with more coming soon — you can get it here — My Clean House Simple Housework System.

Everyone who purchases within the next week or two will have the option to join us ‘in the zone’ at half price. And the system is on sale right now too.

There has never been a better time to jump in.

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