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I don’t know where I’ve been the last few years, but recently when I added a few new printables to the No KAOS Zone resources, I discovered List Planit.

I’m like a kid in a candy store!

If you love lists or are looking for a tool to take your home management and organization up a few notches, you definitely should check it out.

There are too many lists for me to describe here, I would think more than you could use in a year.

That of course is the trick. Put aside some time to browse, then pick the ones you really want to USE first.

When you get onto those, pick a few more.

Don’t overwhelm yourself and then give them up.

I really can see how making use of a few of these printables at a time will be a great leap in home organization and an amazingly fun and interesting way to round out the functionality of your home management binder.

If you haven’t put one together yet, (I like to call mine ‘My Clean House’) you can get a free printable cover page that I put together here…

A Simple Household Planner

There are a few versions that you can choose from.

Then go to List Planet and go wild! (but not too wild of course, think spring cleaning, not spring break :0)

Just so that I could show you, I went to the List Planit printables site and this is what I found listed in one small section (home management – there are lots more like meal planning and finances). If you are in the No KAOS Zone, you will already have access to some of these…


ROOM BY ROOM PURGE – Time to declutter. Make notes about what needs to be thrown away, given away, or sold in a yard sale.

ROOM BY ROOM IDEAS – Need some inspiration, or maybe a little shove? Use this page as a starting place for what to look for in each room.

SPRING CLEANING – Need to do some deep cleaning but not sure where to start or what is involved. Simply print these pages, 1 at a time or all at once, and get started. Check off each completed task. Try to do it all at once, or hang each page discreetly in the appropriate room and work on them throughout the year. (Kitchen/Dining, Bedrooms/Closets, Living Areas/Home Office, Bathrooms/Laundry Room, Storage Areas/Garages).

new! WEEKLY CLEANING SCHEDULE – A blank form for strategizing your weekly plan of attack.  Create a list for each member of your family so everyone is clear about weekly responsibilities.

new! WEEKLY CLEANING SCHEDULE & TO DOS – Create a weekly cleaning schedule and then list your to dos that must be done, but not necessarily on a certain day of the week.  (HORIZONTAL VERSION)

MONTHLY CLEANING SCHEDULE – A suggested schedule of getting your house clean throughout the month.

MONTHLY CLEANING SCHEDULE (Blank) – Fill in your own cleaning schedule or rearrange List Plan It’s to fit your own needs.

new! HOME MAINTENANCE & REPAIR CHECKLIST – Keep a record of all of suggested and scheduled maintenance and repairs throughout the year.

new! HOME SERVICE RECORD – Keep track of yearly chimney cleanings or septic pumpings or anything else that needs to happen on a regular basis. Note the company that performs the service as well.

new! APPLIANCE/ELECTRONIC REPAIR RECORD – Keep appliances and electronics in perfect order when you record the date of purchase, plus all repairs performed.

FILING SYSTEM INDEX – Keep track of the contents of your filing cabinet. Place the completed pages in the front of your filing cabinet and use as a reference when trying to locate an important document or memento.

SATURDAY MORNING CHORES – Divide the weekend tasks between all members of the family on one page. Then hang it in a central location or cut apart and distribute to each person.

PREPARING FOR OVERNIGHT GUESTS – Have friends or family coming and you don’t know where to start? Print out this page, sit down and think about your priorities. Start filling in the list, and don’t forget to cross off items when you are DONE!

HOME IMPROVEMENTS – Need to paint a bedroom or restain the deck? Writing it down will help you focus on getting your home in shape.

new! HOME IMPROVEMENT WISH LIST – There are home improvements realities, and there are home improvements fantasies. This page is to note your home improvement dreams.

new! HOME IMPROVEMENT WORKSHEET – Either use this worksheet as a record of home improvements performed or as a goal for home improvements in the new year.

PROJECT LIST (Fall) – Make weather-appropriate goals for every season this year to help you get the most out of your time and life.

PROJECT LIST (Winter) – Make weather-appropriate goals for every season this year to help you get the most out of your time and life.

PROJECT LIST (Spring) – Make weather-appropriate goals for every season this year to help you get the most out of your time and life.

PROJECT LIST (Summer) – Make weather-appropriate goals for every season this year to help you get the most out of your time and life.

HONEY DO LIST – Perfect way to put the ball in your honey’s court. Let him/her check it off as he/she completes it.

HONEY DO LISTS – Three lists to a page lets you distribute more responsibilities to more members of the family! Who said a Honey Do list was just for Dad? Or give out one list and save the other 2 for the next time some chores are needing to get done.

GUEST LOG – Record visits from friends and family to remember the lovely times you had. Or have them sign in just like at a bed and breakfast.


EMERGENCY EVACUATION INVENTORY – If ever the unfortunate event of needing to evacuate your home at a moment’s notice should arise, be prepared with this list. Keep a completed page in both you and your spouse’s nightstand or in the hall bureau so it can be located in a jiffy. There be very little time to spare. Don’t spend it trying to think about what you need. Just grab the list and get going!

HOME INVENTORY – No matter if you live in a place with frequent natural disasters or if your home is in a city with a lot of break-ins, recording all of your possessions is a smart idea. It makes recovery after a fire much simpler. Keep this completed page in a Safety Deposit Box or Fire Safe.

WOMEN’S CLOTHING INVENTORY – “I have nothing to wear.” That may be true, or you may need to reevaluate your closet.

WOMEN’S SHOES INVENTORY – look at just how many black pairs of shoes you really have.

MEN’S CLOTHING INVENTORY – Now is your chance to see if there might be something other than that Football jersey from 1985 in his drawer/closet.

MEN’S SHOE/ACCESSORIES INVENTORY – Find out just how many sneakers are sitting in the closet. Does he even have a pair of dress shoes?

GIRL’S CLOTHING INVENTORY – Keep track of what you have and what you need to be looking for in the next few seasons.

GIRL’S SHOE/ACCESSORIES INVENTORY – Helps you know what to look for if you know what is needed.

BOY’S CLOTHING INVENTORY – Buying after the season can definitely save money, but it doesn’t help if you pull out 14 pairs of short you’ve collected for the same season.

BOY’S SHOE/ACCESSORIES INVENTORY – Helps you know what to look for if you know what is needed.

MOVIE INVENTORY – List your movies, exercise videos, home movies, kids shows, etc. here. Write a brief review or description.

MUSIC INVENTORY – List all your music CDs here. Write a brief review or description of each.

MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION INFO – Keep track of what magazines should be arriving in your mailbox. Make renewals, cancellations, or changes of address simple.


ITEMS NEEDED – Not just a dream list but a practical list for actual purchases. Makes shopping a breeze – and less expensive, too, since you’ll be buying the things you really NEED!

COMPARISON SHOPPING – Time to go shopping? Do your homework first. Write down the things you want to buy and then shop around. Record what stores sell the items and how much they charge.

SHOPPING LIST – Organize your shopping list before you set out for your essentials. Get what you need in one trip without fear of forgetting something important! A store is a dangerous (costly) place to be without a list.

HOME IMPROVEMENT WISH LIST – Wish you could spruce up your decor a bit? Sometimes all it takes is a little direction. Write down all the things you want for each room. Keep the list handy for when people ask what you want for your birthday. Have it ready for tax return season.


WAYS TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE – If you are interested in doing your part to conserve natural resources but don’t know where to start, here is a list of easy things that you can do and teach your family to do that will make a HUGE impact on our world.

REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE – Use this page as a worksheet for ways that your family can repurpose everyday items. Learn how to use Craig’s List or ebay for a quick way to recycle household items.

SHOPPING LOCALLY – Have a favorite place to buy local dairy or fruits and vegetables? List names and addresses here for a handy reference.

FAVORITE LOCAL SHOPPING – Use this page to record all of your favorite places to find your favorite things. . .locally.

FAVORITE BRANDS – Keep track of all of your family’s favorite eco-friendly products from detergents to light bulbs.


SEED STARTING SCHEDULE -Keep track of the correct dates for starting seeds indoors and in the garden.

GARDEN WISH LIST – Have a seed/plant variety that you want to try? Be sure to write it down.

GARDEN NOTES – Keep track of your garden’s progress, what works, and what doesn’t.

DAILY OUTDOOR JOURNAL – Making notes about the daily weather will give you proof in the following years when you try to explain about the rainy patch in April or the late frost in May.

DESCRIPTION OF PLANTS – Use this page to make thorough notes about the plants you grow in your garden. A good description of location and growing needs will help you protect perennials year after year.

SEASONAL GARDEN CHORES – There is lots to be done in the garden. List it out and then begin to check it off.

FUTURE GARDEN REFERENCE – A page to give you a general reference to the current conditions of your garden.

GARDEN CONTACTS – Keep track of favorite seed companies and nurseries with telephone numbers, email address, directions, and website information.

I hope that you are as happy to find these as I am.

Stay tuned to find out which List Planit printables I choose to download first for my home management binder.

I would love to hear about your choices too. You can let us know in the comment section below.
Get Organized with List Plan It

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