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If I had to boil daily success to one thing – it would be to begin the day with one thing in mind that would make me feel like the day has been a success.

And then to do it.

The earlier the better.

It doesn't have to be big.

It can be a piece of a bigger picture.

But it does need to be specific.

It needs to be a concrete task or item, such as clean a certain shelf, bake a batch of cookies etc.

It needs to be something that will be a step up. Not the mundane.

Although sometimes the mundane is just the thing that will give you a step up.

You decide.

Just be sure to start the day with one thing in mind that will make your world a better place.

Make it concrete.

And make it a point to do it.

Start today and let me know how it goes by the end of the week.

I think you will be pleased.

And the funny thing is, you will find yourself motivated and with more energy and enthusiasm to do it again next week.

And by the end of the month, you will be ecstatic!  

Why not give it a try?

With the Christmas season coming up, there is no better time to start. 


I created a Big Christmas List to help me get everything on paper and finished before Christmas rolls along. It is really helping me to stay on track.

It's the place I look to see what my 'one thing' for the day will be. It's really helped me to stay on track this year. 

I realized that I also wanted some good recipes for Christmas dinner ideas, Christmas treats etc. so I found some that I could share and have included them too.


You can get a copy of my Big Christmas List as well as all of the recipes and tips for free.

Get your Big Christmas List.

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