Homemade Valentine’s Decorations

With kids around, Valentine's Day can be a lot of fun and a perfect excuse to liven up the house a little. 

Kids are full of ideas if you give them a little material to work with so enlist their help to come up with decorating tips to spread the love this Valentine’s Day.

Start simple. Decorate the main rooms of your home.

Give each kid a ball of ribbon in red, white, or pink and watch what they do. Ribbon can be wrapped around vases of flowers and draped above doorways. A pair of scissors can be run the length of the ribbon to create curls.


Cabinets and dressers can be made festive with small construction paper hearts.

The kids can stick them all over – wherever they can find a good spot. If you sit still long enough, there may be a few attached to you. Bigger hearts can be cut out and displayed on the walls.

If you are afraid that tape will strip the paint off of the walls, use a hole punch to create holes in the hearts. Make a loop through the hole with a piece of string and hang over a push pin or a small nail.

Instead of streamers, try a paper chain in alternating colors. Cut several pieces of construction paper into one inch wide strips. Interlock the paper and create a link chain. When the chain is long enough hang it up in the kitchen or family room as a banner to remind the entire family that it is Valentine’s Day.


Kids can glue Popsicle sticks together to make coasters for the coffee table or decorations for almost anywhere. They are especially nice decorated and hung in the window or you child can put his or her name on it and hang it on their bedroom door.

Watercolor paints can be used to decorate the finished coaster with hearts and arrows.

You can even add words like, Happy Valentine’s Day, Love, etc. to the coasters. The same Popsicle sticks can be used to make a poster or a mobile that says I Love You. The sticks are shaped and then painted bright red or pink. Once dry, mount them on poster board or attached to a heart-shaped hanger by pieces of yarn.

Don't forget to add some glitter. Glitter pens work really well for writing on them with. 


A Valentine's chair or couch cover can transform your living room into a Valentine’s Day celebration room.

Measure the length of the couch or chair so that the cover will fit. Spread it out on the floor and let the kids get started on the decorations. They can glue felt words and shapes to the cover along with the names of each family member. Every year at Valentine’s Day you can bring out their handiwork and decorate the room.

Decorations are fun to make and display around the house.

They can be just as special as your treasured homemade Christmas ornaments and just as much fun to make.

Store them in airtight containers and they will be a joy to unleash every year on Valentine's.

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