Financial Freedom Fridays

I've been continuing along with my new Making Change spending plan.

I LOVE it.

The results have been even better in so many ways than I had anticipated. I have a savings account! With money in it!


I'm looking forward to sharing exactly what I've done in a quick and easy plan shortly.

For free!

Meantime, my biggest challenge has been grocery shopping.

I've grown by leaps and bounds as far as setting up a budget for groceries, and I know that we are saving a ton, just because it is such a struggle.

Before we just spent the money!

Also, I have started new habits such as doing more baking and consciously using up more left overs with a regular meal plan – big savings there.


Using coupons – WoW! I don't know how I got out of that habit. Our grocery store keeps the coupons in a rack that is right on our way OUT of the store. How convenient is that come to think of it :0)

But I didn't even know it was there before.

Now I do.

Look out!

On top of that, I've been shopping the flyers.

This is saving me huge amounts of money.

I know what's on sale before I go in and much of my budget is on sale items.


In a way, it was one of those learning experiences that is going to save me big in the future.

Here's the sordid story.

I got the mail on my way into town to go grocery shopping.

I already had my list, it contained a lot of sale items from the current flyer that we will be using.

In the mail was the new flyer.

Did I look at it?


It didn't occur to me that this was Wed.

New sales start Friday.

So maybe there were a few things, or a lot, on there that could wait til Friday if they were on sale?


After I got home and looked at the flyer I saw no less than 4 items that I had just paid full price for on sale.

Our store flyer usually has some pretty good sales. I figure that I overspent by at least $10 by not having a look at that flyer.

An example?

I bought butter for over $4 per lb Glurps.

Had a waited 2 days, butter was on for 2.99, which it seems to me was the regular price not too long ago. Cry

Dang blast it! (does anyone actually say that in real life? I think I'll start, dang blast it.)


If you can plan your shopping a few days before the new flyer comes out, you can double dip.

Basically you can start planning your grocery shopping using both flyers.

It allows you to see what is coming on sale and postponing purchases for those items if you can.

It may mean that you need to do your shopping in two trips per week.

I find that we are doing that anyway so it works well.

On our way to more savings, both in what we spend and what we are putting away.


If you want to give it a better shot and really see a difference and even have some fun with it, get on my list to be notified when I have my Making Change Simple Spending Plan ready for you – I'm offering it at no charge.

Meantime you will get a free ecourse of 5 lessons to give you some ideas to get you started.

You can hop on free here…

Making Change Simple Home Budget System – Get your money for nothing.

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