Do you ever wake up, look around your home and feel like your sitting in the middle of a department store?

Cookie cutter, plastics abound.

But where is the soul of Christmas?

Has it been so long that we don’t even recognise it anymore?


There is an answer.

The best news is that it’s cheaper, it’s simpler, and it’s more fun.

Have a homemade, family Christmas.

It’s what everybody used to do!

Until we somehow got the idea that we had to keep up with the Jone’s, and that meant store bought, because somehow we also got the idea that homemade was bad, store bought was good.

Well, it’s come full circle about now, and we are seeing that store bought is not better.

For many reasons it’s not so great at all.

  • Look at what industry is doing to the environment?
  • To our health.
  • To small business.
  • To family.


Start this Christmas.

Think twice before you buy that Christmas knick knack, decoration or gift

  • Ask yourself, can I make one myself?
  • Can I have some fun doing this with my kids?
  • Can I make something that my loved ones will cherish and look at fondly everytime they see it because we made it?
  • Can I make something that my family and I will cherish, because we made it?
Homemade Gift Giving Guide

Want to make some Christmas gifts that everyone will love to receive and have some fun too?

I’ve created a guide called Make It Special that will show you how to make simple, homemade skin care gifts such as bath items, body butters and lip balms.  People LOVE this stuff and you will too.

And you can use some of the tips here to snaz up the packaging and wrap with some of your recycled Christmas decorations, or use the section in the guide for more packaging your homemade gift ideas.

The guide is packed full with lots of Christmas ideas that you can do with your family, without breaking the bank.

Get it early so you’ll have lots of time to play, and Make It Special.

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