Recently my family and I have switched to a diet far higher in fruits and raw foods than it used to be.

This means a lot less processed junk food is coming out of the grocery store and a lot more fruits and veggies from the produce department.

At one time I thought that it would be quite costly for us to eat this way.

I've found that our grocery bill is actually less than it was. I shop the specials, so I buy fruit and veggies that are on sale and round it out with a few other things.

This saves a bundle.


1. Stay away from preservatives. You don't need that Twinkie that can outlast any environmental disaster! When you learn to read nutrition labels and ingredient lists, you'll find that there are many snacks that are full of preservatives. If the expiry date isn't until two years from now, chances are it's being heavily preserved.

I don't buy pudding anymore in the little containers because one of my kids set an open one on top of a china cabinet one day. I didn't know it was there for at least a month and when I found it, it was a little dry, but looked like it would have the day she put it there. It really made me wonder, what's this stuff made of???

2. Buy lots of fresh vegetables that you can use to make up a quick and healthy stir-fry with chicken, brown rice, or even soy products. Buy easy to make salads where the lettuce and other veggies are already washed. These are easy, quick, healthy, and they taste good. The key is to choose vegetables that are dark green or orange in color.

Think smoothies and juicer. You can't go wrong. I always make sure to get frozen fruit, bananas, yogurt, rice milk and spinach or mixed salad greens for plenty of green smoothies. Sometimes you can get the big bags of beets and carrots for a good price. They are great for a cleansing juice with some greens.

3. Do some research on how to tell when fruits are at their freshest and when they're in season. Try some of those exotic fruits you've always looked at but never purchased. Make your own fruit drinks and smoothies for a healthy, delicious treat.

More Great Grocery Store Tips:

1. Shop in a circle. Everyone has probably heard this at one time or another, it works well! Many nutritionists will tell you to shop the perimeter of the store. Grocery stores are usually set up with their fresh foods, fruits, vegetables, fish, and breads all around the perimeter. Preservative-laced foods are in the center and at the ends of each aisle.

2. Go alone. Leave your children in good hands and go alone to the grocery store. Can I second that! This way you can concentrate on getting only the healthy foods you desire without being pressured into buying junk. Alternatively, if you do bring your children, be prepared to spend extra time teaching them how to spot healthy foods.

3. Make a list. This technique is a tried and true method to avoid buying foods that aren't healthy. Stick to your list and for fun, seek out healthy foods you haven't tried before to tempt your taste buds.

I find that by using the sales flyers as a base to work from, I save money and get lots of healthy ideas. Seeing the pictures of the fruits and veggies in the flyers always inspires me before I even get to the store.

With some determination and strategies in place, you can achieve your goal to eat healthy and even enjoy doing it.

Once you discover the benefits and better taste of fresh and healthy foods, you'll never want to go back.

I often marvel at the fact that I ever thought processed 'cardboard' food was better. The flavour in fresh fruit and veggies absolutely explodes on your tastebuds once you've made the switch. It will  only take a few days before you are wondering too.

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From Jan Ferrante, the Queen of KAOS.

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