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Just a quick tip that I stumbled upon by accident today that could change your way of spending – your time… your money… your energy… for ever.

It's perfectly logical and I have no idea why I never thought of it before.

It's a way that we can bring the accountability of using a cash system to our easy spend digital systems of today – credit cards, debit cards, online payment systems etc.


Before you make a purchase online, login to your account and see if you will feel, when making the payment on the card, or watching the balance go down if it's a debit type card, like it is worth it, or will it give you a sick feeling in your stomach.


Does it feel like a necessity?

Something that you are happy to pay for?

Or is it something that you know you don't need?

Something that you can wait for until you have more money?

Or may never miss if you don't buy it now?


Open up your account and account for it.

Ask yourself, do you really want to spend the money?

I just did this as I mentioned, by accident as I was paying a few bills and considering a purchase at the same time.

With the account open, it was easy for me to see that although it was a great deal and I really did want the purchase – I didn't want it enough to set me back.

What I wanted more was to see the debt go down instead of up this month.


This method also works with clutter.

I found myself doing the same thing yesterday as I was clearing my cupboards, filling bags to give away.

In the past I may have kept a few things. This time I asked myself the question – which do I want more?

To hang on to this item 'just in case', or to have the clear space, functionality and FREEDOM of a kitchen with no clutter?

The answer was loud and clear and I managed to fill 4 walmart shopping bags full of stuff that generally I have held onto for years – probably equal to about 3-4 shelves that are now freed up for things that I can really use them for.

Before spending anything – your money, your time, your space – all of these things really equal your peace of mind and quality of life – ask yourself…


Ask yourself, 'do I really want this thing, or do I really want peace of mind, tranquility and freedom to DO what I want, with less THINGS to manage, care for and pay for?' 

The best thing is that most of the time it won't cost you a thing.

Sometimes nothing is the thing of value that is right under our nose. 


After writing this article, the last thing that I want to do is try to sell you on something that you don't want or need!

But I wouldn't feel right if I didn't mention the one thing that I feel can help you to maintain the habit of staying up to the minute on your budget, no matter where you are.

That is a system called Budget Map.

It's pen and paper. It works (and looks) like a cheque register and you can keep it in your purse.


I had wanted something like this for at least 10 years – ever since debit cards, credit cards and online banking started replacing my simple chequebook and monthly bank account statement.

Really, I knew to the penny where I stood when it was simple and 'in my purse'. After that, things went completely KAOTIC and Budget Map is the only system that I use, along with my own routine to keep my finances in order.

You can see my routine at the iShine Community Frugal Living Forum


Do I think that you can save far more than you spend on it – if you use it?

Absolutely. Or I wouldn't be putting it here.

It's a tool that you can use at the store to get in the habit of doing exactly what I said in this article. Just pull it out before you pick that item up or even go in the store at all and decide with all of your information in front of you – do you really want to watch those numbers go in the wrong direction?

Or in the right one?

You'll have it all at your fingertips.

If your finances are out of order and you need something that you can keep with you and that is hands on so that you always are in the loop, you should take it for a spin.

It's very easy to set up and use as well. 

If you do go with it, pop onto the forum and let me know, we can help each other to keep with it.


Also, stay tuned to this blog for my new Friday Feature starting this weeK – Friday Finance.

A weekly reminder to take care of our finances and a new article ever Friday.

Jan Ferrante - Queen of KAOS

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