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  1. Thanks for the tips, I have been looking for a way to de-clutter my garage and my “work/storage” room. I don’t even go in there anymore because of how much clutter I have in there… I have a mental picture of what I want, but every time there is some free time, I find myself enjoying it with my kids and watching tv.

  2. Ted

    Hey good tips, this is info I can use.

  3. Milander

    My family and I move house every two years or so due to my job so we have to minimze what we buy. No sofa, no beds, no major furniture, no large things that require more than two people to move. Even so we still manage to fill a skip with accumulated crap when we move out. It amazes me every time and we are by no means magpies about things.

    Some good advice here but I can’t see myself doing it, especially with kids around who seem to love having knick-knacks around. Shame really. :)

  4. Nice tips. I give it a thumbs up on Stumble.

    I especially like the tip about not moving piles of stuff from room to room. You must know me! You even underlined it for me :)

    The tip I most related with is to declutter in campaigns. That’s what I do – I spend a few hours every few months and burn through clutter.

    Also, as an idea guy I have lots of pieces of paper with great ideas! I’ve been moving my whole idea life to Google. I now use Google’s calendar, Google bookmarks, Gmail (where I don’t have to ever organize anything) and Google Notebook (where I also just dump into without much organizing).

  5. Great article, Jan! I’ll be back to read more. Take care!

  6. I always declutter and reclutter my home. :)

    I don’t know why but it just pile up easily after I have clear it off.

  7. Being able to separate daily work (dishes) and clutter jobs is my biggest challenge. These are great tips. Planning ahead seems daunting, but once started it saves time in the long run.

  8. queenofkaos

    Thanks for leaving your ideas and thoughts! I’ve really enjoyed reading them.

    I have a lot of the same troubles myself, that might be why decluttering is so important to me, it’s an ongoing struggle but the single most important thing to keep on top of around here if I’m not to go stark raving mad :0))

    I have a weekly reminder for Saturdays here

    You don’t have to do it that day, and you choose the amount of time you want to spend, it’s just a reminder so that you do some once per week.

  9. maria

    Once a month or so I get a garbage bag and work room to room filling it: old mail, school notices, broken toys, etc.
    I look in night table drawers, baskets for clutter around the house, linen closet, kids’ closets, refrigerator, pantry, etc.
    Then i’m 1 or 2 bags of junk lighter in my house.

  10. Great tips–I hate clutter!

  11. Great tips! After the Christmas that we just had, I’m in need of some major decluttering!

  12. Great stuff, i’m gonna try it, it might be nice seeing what kind of furniture i actually own.

  13. queenofkaos

    @pyro chuck Decluttering can be quite a revelation. It’s amazing what you can find!

    The real beauty is the time saved looking for things that would have been lost or buried in stuff (like furniture :0))

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