Dresser Top Before and After Declutter

This fix is not complete but it’s a good illustration of what to do if you can’t finish up in 5 minutes and the power of doing it anyway.

You can’t see it in the picture but my main objective was the dust – there was a layer on everything.

Dust definitely isn’t like hot sauce!

So I was able to wipe everything down, get rid of some things that didn’t need to be there but I didn’t have time to replace things nicely or jazz it up at all.

So I will be doing that later, either as my main 5 minute fix or as an add on – what ever works!


One of the great things about doing these 5 Minute Fixes is that you find or review some absolute treasures.

When my daughter was quite young she used to write a lot of notes – I still tell her she should do some writing.

Anyway, this one is on my dresser with a few other things.

It probably was originally sitting around on the table or something – that’s why it has a stain on it which is a shame – but it’s priceless and a reminder that little things now can be big things later (like the kids! She’s 16 now!).



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