If there is one thing standing between you and a peaceful home, it’s clutter!

The trick to a calm & peaceful house is to get rid of things that don’t serve you – daily.

Clutter causes mental and physical stress,wastes time both in looking for things, fixing things that have been lost and a cluttered home takes much longer to clean.

Ever get that dreaded walking on an endless treadmill feeling?

That’s probably a result of clutter.

Perhaps the most soul sucking thing about clutter is that if you have it, no matter how much you clean, it never looks or feels clean.

Because you find yourself mostly moving stuff around and often spending more time moving stuff than actually cleaning.


Now would be a good time to take 5 minutes to start a bag for charity and one for garbage.

If you can fill them in 5 minutes – great!If not, just do as much as you can and pick up again where you left off later, aiming to fill it and then give it away or take it to the curb (don’t forget that part – very important).

Clothes drawers, shoes and closets are always a good place to start, as well a silver ware drawers and cupboards.

It just so happens that I have a few boxes here that need to be sorted for give aways or a fundraising yardsale we are having for Pegg’s Mountain.

So I am going to take 5 minutes, more if I need it, and finally sort it and get it out the door when I go grocery shopping today.

That is the end result you are looking for –

Clear Spaces.

Or improving the function of one.

Pick a space today and see what you can do…

not doing the 5 minutes for 30 days challenge?

Join us here!

5 Minutes for 30 Days Challenge

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