January 17, 2009

You thought I was talking about your hair, didn't you .Wink

You're close!

I was talking about the grey area underneath your hair.


This morning when I was reading Tony Robbins, "Awaken the Giant Within" he mentioned how many people don't really know what is important to them. That we haven't taken the time to internalize or even think about what our value's system is.

Most of us operate on an instinctive values system but by taking a minute to really think about our what our core values are, we eliminate the 'mass of grey' as he calls the area most of us live in.


Pinpointing our highest values in life is a big part of deciding what our priorities will be.

Which is a big part of avoiding procrastination.

Could that be why procrastination is so abundant in our lives these days?

It always seems to come down to the same thing – overload.

Spend too much time running through life, and when do we have time to even consider our values, or even notice if we are living them?

When life is one big blur, guess what all the vibrant colour we are speeding by turns to – you guessed it – grey.


The reason I mention this is because I realized right away what a powerful tool getting clear on your values could be in your house.

I know that it's the number one thing that has made the difference at our house.


Because the day that I decided that my highest value was to give my kids a home that they could thrive in, rather than live in confusion, stress and even fear (clutter is a vast pit of the unknown, how does that make YOU feel?) was the day that I truly started turning things around.

I still struggle. Clutter is an unending process. It will get you while your back is turned.

But even the process of moving it out and making getting rid of clutter a priority at our house has given my kids a firmer foundation.

And the clear spaces give them room to discover themselves, to determine their own values. 

The psychological benefits of getting rid of clutter start long before it's gone. 


Watching me deal with it and making clear spaces a value that is important in our home really is rubbing off on them.

I find them quite often decluttering their room without my even telling them to. Just last night my 11 year old daughter did some decluttering in her room, which is already looking really good.

Maybe the easiest way to parent is by example.

There's a good value to have!


Do you have clear values in your life?

What do you stand for? 

Just as importantly, what DON'T you stand for? 

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