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  1. Lisa Marie

    You are the best. You make me laugh. 🙂
    AND then you make me want to clean my house, hug my kids, and get some work done….

  2. queenofkaos

    Hi Lisa, thanks so much. As my partner in grime, it means a lot :0)

    Lisa keeps me in line at the KAOS headquarters while simultaneously juggling her own businesses AND three boys under 6.

    Check out her Make It Fun monthly eGuide – a new activity for every day of the month.

  3. Lisa

    3 boys 4 yrs old and under 😉

  4. queenofkaos

    the visual sends shivers up my spine :0))

  5. Fee

    Just wanted to let you know that you’ve helped me make a big difference in my life at home. I love Carole Pagan’s book too, and find it full of practical tips that are easy to stick to. Along with take 5, and Spring into Spring Challenge, my home’s sorted. I’d recommend this system to anybody needing to tackle a major house organising project, and when it’s done, knowing that you are able to maintain it all

    When is your new Book out Jan?

  6. Jan Ferrante

    Thank you Fee, I really appreciate your taking the time to comment and let me know, it makes my day!

    Carole is wonderful, always interesting and shoots it straight up :0)

    If anyone is wondering, you can get her book Secret Confessions of a Clean Freak here http://www.queenofkaos.com/recommends/clean_freak.shtml

    I am hoping to have my book (still not 100% sure what to call it) ready for the end of Sept, or maybe even before.

    I’ll be sure to be announcing it on Take 5 and my new weekly newsletter that will also be coming out soon.

    Thanks again Fee, you make it all worthwhile :0)

  7. Fee

    Looking forward very much to that Jan!

    Great! Thanks for posting that link. I’d searched the Take5 site for it and couldn’t find. It’s really worth a look 😉


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