Focusing On Completion – the new rules of the game

Have you ever noticed that when you work on one thing, you neglect another?

When you excel here, you slide there?

This doesn't have to be as bad as it sounds if you are working on the right things.

But it can be disasterous if you are working on the wrong things.

Because you never quite get around to finishing what needs to be done. 

I've been giving this a lot of though lately as the time has been passing and I haven't been able to produce the things that I had set out to produce in my business.

I've 'done a lot'.

It just isn't taking shape in the way I had planned.

Why is that?

Because I haven't finished things! 

Because I haven't had my priorities in order.

I thought I did.


But somehow I've been sidetracked. Working on the cart before the horse.

I've got news!

The cart doesn't go very far if you don't have a horse :0)

In this case, it is a product of your own.

Affiliate products are great. But they aren't you.

If your business model, your big picture for your business is to sell affiliate products, there is nothing wrong with that.

But if you have a product, or more inside of you that are taking the back seat to other things – marketing for 'someday', you could be taking the long road to China.


Decide what is missing.

What do you need to do to make you feel that you are on track in your business.

For me, it's finishing up my products. I have a list!

This month I'm working on 'Making Change'.

It's based on the budget system that I put together for our family in January.

It works. Really well.

Since I have been focusing on completion, I am happy to say that it will be coming out very soon.


Being excited about coming out with my first complete product, the last thing I had thought was that I'd give it away for free.

But that's what I'm doing.

You can get it yourself and find out the details by signing up to have it sent to you as soon as it's finished.


How about you?

What are you working on right now that is really going to give you results.

That is building your business assets? Your bottom line.

Sign up to get your free copy of the Making Change Simple Home Budget System – I probably will pull the free offer in about a month – and then – if you are not making progress towards a solid goal – ie a project that will give your business real results, stop what you are doing and start doing what you need to be doing.

Take a minute to think about it. What is nagging you?

And get to it.

I like to call it fishing with a net rather than a pole.

With a pole, you might get one fish. Maybe.

With a net, if their out there, you can fill your freezer. Fast.


What are you working on to directly increase your bottom line?

Completing a product?

Marketing a product that has been complete using solid marketing techniques?

Those are 2 really good places to start. 

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2 Responses to “Focusing On Completion – the new rules of the game”

  1. Loretta says:

    I’ve been doing really good at focusing on one project at a time this year so far. That is my big 2009 goal … one thing at a time until it’s done, live, and making money! Last year I did far too much bouncing around from project to project in hopes that eventually everything would be done. Of course it didn’t get done, I wasn’t focused enough on it.

  2. queenofkaos says:

    Good for you, I am doing the same. It still seems to be slow going but I can see how results are going to come faster with one at time rather than a bunch of unfinished projects.

    Great goals for 2009!!

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