Can Our Mindset Create Opportunities?

Thu, Jun 12, 2008

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What's your take?

Can our mindset create opportunities?

Is there power in focus?

Do our thoughts determine our success?

I think that the short answer is… of course.

What we think ultimately becomes what we do.

What we do becomes what we are.

I think the short answer is of course.

What we think ultimately becomes what we do.

What we do becomes what we are.

Ultimately, that will be successful or not. 

Gratitude takes a long way to becoming successful.

If you have gratitude, how can you not be a success? 


It looks quite common sense from a practical point of view, but does our mindset actually create opportunities that appear to us when we are ready within ourselves? 

I've been observing some interesting things happening these past months. 

If you've heard my WAHM in Focus Podcast 7, 8 and 9, you will have heard me mention the practice of using focus and themes in our business.

These are tools to help us one step at a time to do enough consistently to see results, cycling through the major areas of our choosing.


So in March, I focused on maximizing my prior efforts – editing and monetizing previous posts, tweaking articles etc.

March was the first month since I've been making a real, concentrated effort to make an income through information and affiliate products dating back to last spring – that I was able to see a progressive pattern in sales.

This looks like common sense, but the strange thing was that although these things were now in place, April and May saw income, but not from these sources. 

It would seem that the practice of spending a month focusing on tweaking my sites for sales created an all encompassing increase in sales, though not in the areas that I tweaked, in fact, sales didn't seem to be dependent on those areas particularly, but March did mark the first month that I was able to  be optimistic about the future of selling digitally online. 


April's theme was product development. I was successful in putting out two small products. I didn't see any mind blowing results, but it's a first step. All in all, April was fairly uneventful, other than my momentus first step in getting 'something' of my own out there, with more to come. 


Along comes May, the focus was marketing. Focusing on getting in front of people through networking with others. 

I had assumed that would be concentrating on blog comments, being more active in forums and doing guest articles. 

It didn't quite work out that way.

- To my surprise, in May I was asked to participate in Holly Rigsby's Yummy Mummy Makeover event.

This was my first call as a guest ever and the topic was – the subject of my first info product. If you look at the line up of other callers, including Mary Goulet from Mom's Town, it is stunning to me to have been included (Holly totally rocks, so it shouldn't be a huge surprise that she would do something so great). It was a HUGE opportunity. 

- Lisa, my friend and VA pointed out a chance to do a presentation at the Business and Learning Expo. I've been aware of this event for years but have fluffed it off each time because I just didn't feel ready and probably would have this year too if not for Lisa.

http://www.queenofkaos.com/home_expo.shtml (sign up for WAHM in Focus and receive a copy of my presentation on Balance – Work, Home and You when it's ready. All of the presentations will be available as well.) 

Both the call and presentation were scheduled within a day of each other in the first week of June. (considering that I had never done either before at any time, I found this to be extremely coincidental).

-I was asked to do a guest article on the B5 Media blog – Home Biz Notes by Yvonne Russell, and will have an online interview coming up soon as well. You can read the article here.

Working at Home – What Do We Think We're Doing If For

-I received an email from Marcia Francois of Take Charge Solutions about a comment I had made on her blog.

This resulted in my asking her to do a guest post for my blog. This may not exactly be the same as my doing a guest post, but it is networking and I feel giving some great value to my blog through the efforts of another and the opportunity in effect, came to me. Win/Win.The article is very informative about one of the foundations to productivity – 5 Steps to a Tidy Desk.

- AND Lynn Terry put a notice up looking for moderators for her Self Starters Forum so I've had the opportunity to become a moderator for her Quest for Success Brainstorming and Goals Achievement forum.

The funny thing about that is that inside of the forum she had posted her link to get a free copy of Think and Grow Rich. Everyone has heard of it, I have the CD and had just found it in a pile of CD's and begun to listen to it. So I decided to begin a study group of the book as is suggested inside the book.

The book identifies and builds on all of the components needed to take action using themes and focus in business.

It's amazing stuff AND it goes along exactly with a goal achievement program that I had started called the Magic 100 (which I found through Holly's Yummy Mummy Makeover Event).

It's a tool that allows me to put the Think and Grow Rich theory into action in my life.

I have been totally reawakened to my goals and dreams since I have begun the program and loving every minute of it.

All in all, it was an amazing month, with these things coming to me. In all of my years online, I have never had so many opportunities through others present themselves and the way that they meshed together to give a synergistic effect was quite awe inspiring.

My take away from the experience and the studies that I have subsequently undertaken are that as you become – at a core level – the things that you wish, they do start to appear.

So far, so good! 


1 -Get your free copy of Think and Grow Rich and join the study group. It's free. Get to know the book and internalize the information within it.

2 – Get your copy of the Magic 100. It's not free, but it's worth every penny if you use it.

3 – Review my WAHM in Focus podcasts numbers 7, 8 and 9. You can listen, subscribe through iTunes and also see the transcrips… and put the principals into practice of using themes and focus on a weekly or monthly rotating schedule. See how it works for you. You'll never know unless you try.



4 -Hang onto your hat and get ready to start hitting your goals. 

Make It Your Day! Jan Ferrante


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