The Power of Single Minded Focus Podcast #8

Mon, Apr 28, 2008

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 WAHM in Focus Podcast

Today I am talking about the Power of Single Minded Focus.

It's the way we get into the 'flow' state, the way that we can block out the noise and get things done.

I found this system to be very helpful to me today as a matter of fact.

My cat, who shall remain nameless, woke me up at 4:30 am to come in the house – all three of my cats don't use the door, I'm never at it, so they come to my window, either office or bedroom, depending on the time – they are worse than my teenage son by a long shot I can tell you.

They bang on the window and make a heck of a racket until I give in and let them in.

So… I finally gave in and let him in. And then couldn't go back to sleep of course.

I thought I would have a productive morning as I was surprisingly awake for that ungodly hour. But alas, it was not to be.

My internet connection wasn't working well, in satellite or dial up, so it was a frustrating snails pace of a before dawn work session.

By the time I had dealt with small emergencies in getting the kids off to school and solved various problems that had arisen in the morning with a new product that I have been working on, I found myself unfocused and frustrated by 10:00.

Note: this is product development month around here and I have true to my word, created a product!! It's the launch of my long awaited iShine Community and the product is a Spring Cleaning Challenge course. There is a Work at Home Forum at iShine if you'd like to stop in and say hi or start a discussion.

So off I went to have a shower and refocus, the shower is not only a body cleanse, it cleanses the mind as well I'm sure. By the time I was finished, I had sorted out exactly what I needed to do to get back on track – using my single focus time pocket plan which was going wildly askew this morning. Without it, who knows what I would be doing right now, probably wandering around the house in a daze, or back in bed with the cat – hope he's enjoying his siesta this morning – noon – and evening.

So here I am, back on track.

dogs and cats

I hope that you enjoy the podcast.

Speaking of animals who don't like to cooperate, you will hear my bizzie body dog wanna be interrupting my focus, (she's a pomeranian but thinks she is a pit bull who should know everyone's business) and the telephone chimed in as well just as I was talking about the importance of not letting the telephone interupt.

Leave it to me to do a podcast on single minded focus, it's bound to happen.




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One Response to “The Power of Single Minded Focus Podcast #8”

  1. queenofkaos says:

    Thanks Raymond, we used to have all 4 kittens and the mom and one odd cat out, but now we only have the 2 ‘kittens’ and the odd cat (he’s not odd, just not one of the bunch :0)

    I find that using themes and time pockets as tools for single minded focus to be ‘the ticket’ to wrestling ‘those days’, which are almost everyday around here!

    Maria, thanks SO MUCH for letting me know that you enjoy the podcast, it’s so great to hear, I really appreciate it.

    Suggestions for topics are always welcome as well.

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