How to Get Momentum in Your Business Now

If Not Now, When?

This is the best time of the year for you to get some momentum going and to set yourself up for next year.

How are you doing?

Here are a few things that I always do, every year it is getting easier and easier. If you haven’t been doing these things, it isn’t too late to start – the best time is now.

Here’s what I do…

CLEAR MY PLATE for a minimum of 2 weeks, even more if I can. Since my business is in shipping physical products I post my holidays and TAKE them.

Sounds logical but I didn’t always do this, in my early years I thought I was being smart by working through them (as in keeping the order fulfillment operation open – which was me!) but really all it got me was a BIG MESS. Why?

 Because I wasn’t taking time to organize and catch up on loose ends – and they all added up over the years.

 So now I stop all the presses (or is that pressure) and take this time to do those kinds of things.

 Today I am sorting papers in my office. This is an annual event although I have gotten better at it and do it more often these days so it isn’t quite so bad. I have gotten rid of a good part of the stuff that I will never use and now I am on to the second stage…

FIND A HOME. I have a binder that I am calling ‘My Money Book’ which is really a personalized business manual. I have kept only the most important papers and have created a section for them in the binder.

Some things I have condensed to notes or put in an envelope to do later – it’s the kind of thing that can be done during empty tv time and a way to consolidate all those little pieces of paper.

Of course there’s also the waste basket – the more that goes in there the better because that increases my chances of ACTING on what I do have left and leaves less paper to handle the next time I sort.

CATCH UP. This is the time to make your business plans for the next year and to complete things like your bookkeeping, updating your website design/organization to make it more functional for your customers and income producing for you, take a look at your inventory and decide what things are working that you can expand on and what things you are taking too much time on that aren’t producing for you – plan what you need to tweak, expand and create to make it work or get rid of it.

HOW TO. Decide how you will accomplish your plans. Create a schedule that works for you and a platform that you will use (calender, planner – online or pen/paper, white board system, notebooks – the system you will USE).

I use a combination of all of these – some more frequently than others.

WHAT TO. Decide what changes you need to make – what do you need to add – what do you need to subtract to make it work for you and to find the balance you will need to thrive in the coming year.

WHO TO. Decide who will help you. If you’ve ever had a good idea from a friend that made your life easier, or shared a task that made it go twice as fast and a lot more fun, then you know that the saying ‘two hands are better than one’ to be true. The downside to this is that I’ve often found that the investment of time is often high – communication and distraction often adds up to get me off of the right track. So I have become quite drawn to simplification and minimalist thinking. As I go through a lot of my old time management course papers etc I see how ‘heavy’ they are. So many forms to fill out, so many questions that I already knew the answers to and on and on. I’m thinking that a really simple system is the best and would like to share mine with you.


 I am taking an informal poll here to see if any of you are interested in a monthly membership club where you will receive all of the tips and tricks that I use in my own business.

I am talking about a very simplified approach – an at a glance system where you can sit down and know what you need to do at a glance and get to it – every day. I want to start out simply and will add on services as we go along and we see what you can use to help you to take it up a notch if you choose – or you will be able to stay where you are – any additions will be completely optional.


I’m thinking to call the program Momentum and since this will be the beta version you will be getting in on the ground floor opportunity which means $ savings for you if you jump in now. Pricing to start now will be $7 per month. You will be able to quit anytime.

The main goal will be to help you to stay FOCUSED and ON TRACK in your business FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR and also to help you to balance FAMILY, BUSINESS AND YOU which is a passion of mine, and should be a top priority for you too.

I have been on the fence to do this for years (going through my notes I have outlines for membership plans made over 2 years ago). I mention this to let you know

  • #1 – we are a work in progress – all of us…
  •  #2 – it’s never too late. Sometimes it’s just a matter of timing.
  • #3 – don’t over think. Keep it simple and DOABLE.
  • #4 – don’t let fear stop you. Jump in! It can’t hurt to try and who knows, it could be great!

If you are interested in joining me to simplify your approach and stay on track and beyond with your business, you can sign up for more information, to be notified when it’s up and running and find out how to join by filling out the form on the sidebar.

Hope to see you there. We’ve got a fresh new year to begin!

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