Create Your Business Model – Your Big Picture Road Map

Creating your business model is one of the most important things you can do in order to get the right things done, at the the right time. I recently sat down and thought about mine and put some tweaks together in the form of 4 keys – the major 4 areas that I want to concentrate my efforts on over the coming months.

I use a white board and/or pen tablet on my computer, so I created a pdf of the major points to my business model.

I kept it very simple and to the point consisting of 2 major areas and 4 keys.

You can have a look at my 4 keys and basic business model here. It is deceivingly simple. Which is exactly the point!

Business Model Brainstorm – 4 Keys

Free Work at Home Productivity Audio

I also made an audio to fill in the why's and how come's about why I chose them that may help you in thinking outside of the box and creating your own business model and 4 keys. 

Have a listen, it might help you to refine and refocus your business model so that you can easier focus on the things that will give you results in your business.

Create Your Own Business Model for Instant Focus – Audio

On the audio I mention a few resources that I am using.

Here's a list of them as well as a few others that I am finding helpful in the key areas that I am focusing on.

Niche Profit Classroom – this one is kind of high end but it is jam packed full of ongoing information and is all about working a system – the lessons are in a very organized format and are all about good basic internet marketing, no matter what your model or platform. Chances are, if I've got audio going on my laptop – I'm at Niche Profit Classroom viewing a biweekly webinar or in their classroom area.

The Niche Blogger – I have found this one to be similar in many ways – provides a step by step plan to build a good, solid foundation that can be used in various applications outside of 'hard core'  niche marketing. You can get it month by month or the whole course at one time which I really liked. I find myself dipping in there quite often to tap into the resources – the forum is also very good.

Email Marketing Sweetie – I found this course to be an invaluable time saver. Alice provides a completely honest and birds eye view of how she puts her lists together and why which suits me because she has always had the lists that stood out to me over the years. 

Sweetie Saturday Reports – I find myself digging into these at various times when I want to get some insights and tips on specifically how to do something, or if I am looking for something to complement what I am doing.

Home Biz BOOST – my own system that I use to bump my productivity up a few notches and to give me laser focus to get things done.

PLR – I have a few places that I get my PLR from. I'll be posting them shortly. Meantime I am also creating my own PLR called 6 Pack PLR – 6 PLR articles for $5 – short and sweet. 

If you have any questions, just pop in and ask. Remember not to get overwhelmed – drill it down as best you can and you will be a happy camper!

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One Response to “Create Your Business Model – Your Big Picture Road Map”

  1. Mary Ann Kirchhoffer says:

    You have such a lovely conversational tone, and it was as if you were here with me having tea and dicussing our businesses. I was wanting a direction for the new year and this audio and visual “roadmap” really hit home for me. Thank you for giving direction, yet again, in a wilderness that is oft-times confusing. I am going to take your “4 keys” and apply them to my own situation, and get to work bringing my business into focus for 2010.

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