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    Feeling Like a Blob

    Thursday, March 22, 2007


    Today is a good day to illustrate how our own habits can effect the way we feel and look at ourselves. Last Feb I went on a Spring Challenge at our local gym. In the process I changed a lot of bad habits and replaced them with healthy ones, that’s what Sizzlin’ is all about. [...]

    It is definitely the time of year to be getting back on board with a Fit Yummy Mummy 12 Week Challenge – I am counting down the days to being 10lbs lighter and 12 weeks stronger!

    Holly gives us assignments throughout the challenge, today it is to examine perfection and the effect that it has on our results – and how it can more likely than not cause more trouble than it saves. I am looking at that today.

    How about you. Has perfection ever brought you down in your efforts to lose weight or get healthier?