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    Smart Tip #2 Lima Beans?

    Tue, Mar 11, 2008

    Healthy Habits, Smart Tips

     Smart Tips for Optimum Nutrition

    I have always liked lima beans but have never made a real effort to include them in my diet.

    I picked up a pack the other day and was amazed to see that they contain a whopping amount of vitamin C, which is especially important to having elastic skin.

    As you lose weight, you will want elastic skin that looks healthy, so eat your lima beans!

    They are also quite calorie dense – 216 calories to 1 cup, more than a lot of veggies, so be sure to count that in but give them a try.

    They really add substance, for this reason they are also called butter beans, but don't let that offset you from eating them – often. 

    I love to mix them with peas, a really easy and nutritional powerhouse – just grab some frozen peas, some frozen lima beans and steam.


    You can include these with many meals and even build the main course around them.

    I especially like them when I am having a meal containing rice.

    Here is a lima bean recipe, as well as many other vegan recipes on Eat'n and Veg'n, a blog about healthy vegetarian eating. 

     Make It Your Day, Jan Ferrante

     Fit Yummy Mummy Fitness and Weight Loss for Moms

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    12 Comments For This Post

    1. payday loan software Says:

      Beans are a great source of protein

    2. online payday advance Says:

      lime beans are not the best tasting veggie arround. i have not had one for quite some time. i remember them being in a lot of the veggie packs my mom bought. but i will have to have some the next time i go shopping.

    3. Payday Loans Says:

      ALL beans are healthy. To help your kids eat them, cook and blend them and then add them to a brownie mix. Yum

    4. Gary Scott Says:

      Thanks for the recipe. My mom loves lima beans so I will pass the recipe on to her.

    5. YoNaturals Says:

      Lima Beans are not just nutritious, with its delicate flavor it’s complements a wide variety of dishes.

      But I’ve read an article online that Lima Beans may promote goiters and hypothyroidism, Is it true?

    6. Las Vegas landscaping Says:

      wow, sounds like an amazing recipe . I want to make this tonight for dinner!


      so are black beans just as good for you as lima beans

    8. Network2 Says:

      I’m pretty sure lima beans are an acquired taste. If you like them, you love them…but if not you despise them. I have rarely found the in between. However, I love them..so thanks :)

    9. legal steroids Says:

      I myself do not like Lima beans but I have heard they have a very good source of protein so I do put them in my diet plan every once in a while. Just because of the high source of protein.


      when i was little my mom use to make lima bean soup with ham i hated it then and i still hate it to day it even smells bad you will never see this receipe in my house but thanks for sharing

    11. Payday Loans no fax Says:

      Yeah I have a hard time with lima beans, I just started eating brussel sprouts

    12. payday loans no fax Says:

      There is a lot of food that i didn’t eat when I was a child, but now that I am older I tend to find myself eating those brussel sprouts, and bean soup. I guess it all depends on how you make them and what seasoning you are using

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