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    Shaking It Up – Going into week 6

    Tue, Mar 11, 2008

    Exercise, Fitness For Mom, Weight Loss

     Fitness and Weight Loss Challenge for Moms

    I just realized that the end of this week will mark 1/2 way into the bikini ready transformation challenge.

    What's the verdict?

    I won't look 20 again and no program except surgery is going to make me Bo Derek (here I am dating myself again), but I think that if I want to, at the end of the challenge I'll be able to wear a bikini without being laughed off the beach.

    And I'm not the only one, there has been some amazing progress made by Fit Yummy Mummies, already being forced to shop for new clothes (the horror!) because their old clothes are TOO BIG. Far too big.  

    I did find a nice bathing suit a few weeks ago that I would never have considered buying before because it's slightly too tight and I just wouldn't have the confidence that I would be in shape by spring if I wasn't on the Fit Yummy Mummy program.

    But it is a nice design, a cross between a 1 and 2 piece suit. I won't feel ridiculous wearing it and I although the place that is the tightest – across the rear – is were I am less likely to lose much – I think I will be able to pull it off – well – more importantly – put it on!

    Since the kids are home for march break this week, (well, except my oldest daughter who is vacationing with her friend and family at Myrtle Beach, lalala) I will see if I can get a picture so that I will be able to see the difference by spring.

    Onto this weeks stats!


    * Height approx 5 3.5 

    * Weight 130.5 lbs (same)

    * Waist 73cm (same)

    * Belly Bulge 87 cm (same)

    * Hips 93 cm (same)

    * Thighs 53.5 – (same)

    These are the same as last week.

    It would be nice to see some numbers going down, but the past two weeks have been what could be called 'down times' – last week was bloat, maybe even a little still this week, and my husband was home last week.

    For me, it is always a bigger challenge and never my best time because there is so much more tempting food in the house, and my schedule is always off.

    He made cake, and cookies, and lasagna. And home made bread. And out for chinese food. And I didn't over do any of it. 

    I had some, but the cake and cookies alone would have been a 1 – 2 day binge for me in the old days, so I am happy.

    The lasagna is calorie dense, so I went over a few days what I would have eaten, but this is a lifestyle system, I'm not going to fret about it.

    The fact that I didn't gain, makes me very happy. 


    • My husband made cake, and cookies, and lasagna. And home made bread. And out for chinese food. And I didn't over do any of it.
    • Bought two more 5 lb weights so I will be able to really cook this week.
    • Switched to drinking water out of our large coffee mugs. 2 of them = 1 of my water bottles, so I find myself drinking more water. And quite a few times I wanted water instead of tea or coffee, I found myself just having a glass of water because I wanted to, not because I had to. Big change!
    • Not sure if I mentioned the spinach smoothies before, but they are a big find that I learned from Holly. I struggle to eat enough green veggies, and this really helps. And I love them.
    • An indirect win is that since I am drinking more smoothies, the kids are too. They are a nutritional powerhouse that really boosts their daily intake of almost everything good.
    • I don't know if this is counted as a hit or a miss, but when hubby got beer, I told him to get me some red wine. Ugggh. The cheap, bubbly stuff is better, but I don't think that it can possibly be healthy and being passed out after one bat man McDonald's tumbler – ok – 2 (we haven't had wine glasses around here for about 15 years) was enough to convince me, this red neck girl will never be a wine connoisseur.
    • Almost forgot, my husband couldn't seem to pinpoint the change (probably afraid to say too much Sealed, but he called me his "fit young mummy" (I had to correct him on that, it's yummy, not young!) and to be honest, I had to tell him to give me some space man! I may need armour and a stick, not a bikini by the time this challenge is finished!


    • Some days I didn't use my food journal. Those days I found I did not eat properly. There is a direct connection. My food journal is one of my greatest tools to keep my diet in check.
    • Breakfast. I have been busy in the mornings and forgetting to eat until later in the morning – reverting to my old habits. Bad, bad, bad!
    • I missed an exercise day, which really surprises me. On the other hand, I think I had a touch of something and was bone tired for at least 3 days, probably more, so in some ways it's a miracle that I kept up at all. The good news is that I doubled up and got caught up on Saturday. The interesting thing is that it seemed to have really given me a boost. Sunday I felt extremely good. So I am going to shake up my exercise routine this week and do my resistant and intervals on the same day, with a complete day of rest in between and see what happens.

    I think that my body has adjusted to my routine, so it's time to switch things up anyway. And I will be considerably challenging myself with my new weights. Interested to see how it goes the next few weeks. After that, I am hoping the weather is good enough for me to start biking again although it probably will be a little while yet. 

    A note on the scales. Holly strongly discourages us from using the scale to measure our progress and it can be offsetting.

    On the other hand, I have been struggling to get below 130 for a year now, when I hit that mark, I will be ecstatic, so I am keeping an eye out :0)

    I do believe that my body has set that number as the number it thinks it needs to be at, so it is going to hang on if possible. But I have not a doubt that if I keep going, I will see 129, and maybe less. If I never get below that, I will be happy enough as long as I continue to drop fat and get firm.  

    I have complete faith in Holly and her Fit Yummy Mummy program.

    One of the keys is it's flexibility. At first I thought it was great because it made it more doable. But now I am finding that it is also great because I can customize it to what my body personally needs to see weight loss and good health, and stay well within the program.

    The exercises, while stuctured, allow for so much customization – in scheduling and load – that it is easy to switch it up as need be.

    The nutritional support information and structure that she gives us works much the same way. There are endless improvements that can be made as we progress, but it is set up to be completely customizable to our own needs and preferences.

    And that, I believe, is the key to a successful lifestyle system.

    If you're looking for a lifestyle, not a diet, if you have been searching for a better way and frustrated in your efforts to lose weight and/or get in shape, I can honestly recommend that you give Fit Yummy Mummy a shot.  

    Fit Yummy Mummy Fitness and Weight Loss for Moms

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    It is definitely the time of year to be getting back on board with a Fit Yummy Mummy 12 Week Challenge – I am counting down the days to being 10lbs lighter and 12 weeks stronger!

    Holly gives us assignments throughout the challenge, today it is to examine perfection and the effect that it has on our results – and how it can more likely than not cause more trouble than it saves. I am looking at that today.

    How about you. Has perfection ever brought you down in your efforts to lose weight or get healthier?