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    Freshen up your Water Bottle!

    Mon, Jul 30, 2007

    Drinking Water

    britta.jpg I found that I was having a very hard time getting back into the habit of drinking water. I used to love my water bottle but was finding that as it was getting older it just didn’t seem as fresh anymore.

    So when I was out shopping, I looked for a new one. As luck would have it, I needed water filters too and Brita was giving away a free one with their filters.

    I really like it and am finding myself happily drinking water, or water mixed with a bit of cranberry/grape juice (100% juice, no sugar added)

    If you are finding yourself having a hard time, why not find a water bottle you love? It will probably make a big difference.

    Why Not Buy Bottled Water

    I have always believed that the best choice is to filter your own water, both to reduce waste and because there is concern that chemicals from the plastic leach into the bottled water, the longer it sits on the shelf, the higher the concentration.

    If that doesn’t convince you, did you know that “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration permits certain levels of fecal matter, whereas the Environmental Protection Agency does not allow any human waste in city tap water. ”

    Read the article here http://www.worldwatch.org/node/5063

    They also have a very interesting article here about how some people in the third world who have to sanitize their water are using the sun. It has a few statistics as well as info on phthalates, one of the main chemicals in question that leach from plastic.


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