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    Free Workout Videos – Fit Yummy Mummy

    Fri, Oct 2, 2009

    Easy Exercise

    Holly Rigsby of Fit Yummy Mummy has been my fitness coach

    of choice for well over a year now. I've always felt lucky to

    be able to workout with her videos – both from her original workout

    ebook and now with her private coaching program.

    So when she told us that she's giving away a free

    package of videos – workouts and a bonus video on meal

    planning, I didn't want you to miss out.


    If you’ve always wanted to regain your pre-baby body,

    but you’ve been too busy or were confused about exactly

    how to lose those unwanted pounds, I have some great news…

    My friend and America’s #1 Mom’s Fitness Expert Holly Rigsby

    is giving away a follow along workout video showing you exactly

    what you need to know to lose your belly fat and get your

    pre-baby body back.


    In this video Holly shares a fat blasting 10 minutes workout with

    her favorite metabolism boosting moves.

    So why is Holly giving this incredible workout video away?

    She’s a mom just like you and now that school is back

    in session she wants to make sure that you have the tools

    you need to get your fat loss efforts back on track.

    So, head on over to grab your Free DVD Workout Videos

    Free DVD workout videos

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    It is definitely the time of year to be getting back on board with a Fit Yummy Mummy 12 Week Challenge – I am counting down the days to being 10lbs lighter and 12 weeks stronger!

    Holly gives us assignments throughout the challenge, today it is to examine perfection and the effect that it has on our results – and how it can more likely than not cause more trouble than it saves. I am looking at that today.

    How about you. Has perfection ever brought you down in your efforts to lose weight or get healthier?