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    A Butter Tart by Any Other Name…

    queenofkaossizzlinsand110.jpgis still a butter tart. Or is it?

    My daughter wanted me to buy butter tarts, which I just happen to love warmed in the microwave with ice cream.

    That’s not diet food! (like I have to tell you)

    By some miracle, there where two lonely butter tarts sitting in the package for 3 or 4 days and I never once was tempted to eat them.

    Why not?

    Because I decided from the first minute that I agreed to buy them that they where not for me, and where not considered a “food item”.

    So I “objectified” them and removed permission of myself to eat them.

    Try it!  It’s a silly mind game, but it works.

    Detatch the ordinary imagery that may come up in your mind at first site, without you even realizing it.

    Much of our eating is emotional. And much of that emotion – and the quenching of it – is attached to a good feeling that a residual memory of taste, smell or texture has given us. And that happens to have attached itself to a food we have spied in the cupboard (or that has somehow found itself on our plate :0)

    Remove the memory, the sensory perception that goes deeper than the site of the food will not tempt you.


    Is there a food in your house that breaks your will power , sabotages your healthy eating habits and ruins your attempt at control.

    Objectify it. Do not think of it as a food. Think of it as nothing at all really.

    Deny to yourself that the food has any dimension to it besides the physical representation that is present when you look at it.

    Sever the connection between the sight of the food and the taste or enjoyment that you would expect to get from it.

    Think cardboard. Or better yet, think nothing of it at all.

    Try it. Remove it’s hold from you. It really works.

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      I have used this technique in the past and I agree it helps so much.

    2. payday loans Says:

      Our mind is very powerful, just like you said. Luck are those who have figured that out and are able to overcome unhealthy cravings and are capable of ignoring temptemptions by making themselves to believe that the desired food is not even an option! Congrats for the persistence and the capacity of believing in your power.

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    It is definitely the time of year to be getting back on board with a Fit Yummy Mummy 12 Week Challenge – I am counting down the days to being 10lbs lighter and 12 weeks stronger!

    Holly gives us assignments throughout the challenge, today it is to examine perfection and the effect that it has on our results – and how it can more likely than not cause more trouble than it saves. I am looking at that today.

    How about you. Has perfection ever brought you down in your efforts to lose weight or get healthier?