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    Get Your Sexy Back

    get your sexy back

    I was watching Oprah today and it was about women who lost their 'sexy' over the years, mostly since having kids.

    The show was not about weight loss or health, it was all about attitude, how to feel sexy and look sexy through clothes, hair and style that comes not only on the outside, but from within.


    The first lady struck me because she was absolutely stunning.

    I tuned in after her makeover and rewound to her 'before' and was shocked to hear that she was called names as a child including cross eyes.

    This astounded me because I thought that one of her best features where her gorgeous eyes.

    This seems to often be the case, things that we are most self conscious of, or that people were teased for as kids find as adults that these things become one of our best assets.

    So this amazing looking woman was saying that she wanted to know what it felt like to feel sexy once in her life.


    And of course Oprah's O team did just that.


    As the show went on the main theme was that we are as sexy as we feel, but we do need to make the effort and put some focus on it in our daily routine.

    • It can be something as simple as going shopping for some new clothes, getting rid of some of our old frumpy stuff and wearing the better clothes that we already have but are saving for 'going out'.
    • It can be as simple as doing our hair, and getting in the hairdresser on a regular basis for at least a trim, maybe even 'gasp' a colour, highlights or perm.
    • Or as simple as doing our makeup for 5 minutes in the morning – or less.

    Pampering ourselves can go a long way to making us feel better about ourselves, which often translates to feeling sexy, getting our mojo back, again.


    It really does come within, as one of the ladies said, and then it just 'comes out'.

    One of the things that I have started doing lately is a facial steam every morning (Mon – Friday, I do weekends if I feel like it but lay back a little at that time since my schedule is a little less structured in general on the weekend.)

    I had been thinking that a great, fluffy towel of my own would be perfect, and darned if they didn't suggest it on the show. Indulge in a luxury bath towel just for you, and if you are doing facial steams, get a smaller one just for the steam bowl.

    Another way that I have started pampering myself is by buying a few really comfy pj's that I love to be in and a plush housecoat. I got a very soft pink one, I love to wear it. It's warm, soft and cozy. I relax the minute I put it on, even if I'm just getting up in the morning.


    Best tip – wear matching bra and panty's. I need to do some shopping!

    Proper under wear not only will make your clothing look better, but it will make you feel sexy even though it's your own secret.


    Guess what else? A lot of these women were larger sizes and they looked fantastic. It was just a matter of taking the time, and having Oprah's team make them over of course :0)

    All kidding aside, anyone who is feeling frumpy today can probably spend a bit of time to ramp it up a notch and SHAZAM, you can get your sexy back.


    Attitude - it's all in the way you feel. What you feel, you project.

    Take Time – It really takes very little time to do a quick go over of your hair and make up when you get dressed in the morning. Time yourself, you'll be surprised.

    Vamp up Your Wardrobe – This is an area that many of can easily upgrade, often without a lot of money. For me, I get cold easily so wear jackets almost all of the time. I wear them mostly because I got them as handmedowns from my daughter (there's something wrong with that picture!)

    But I LOVE long, cozy cardigan sweaters, so when we were out Halloween shopping I splurged and got myself a few new ones. I now own 3 really nice sweaters that I can put over almost anything and feel dressed up rather than dressed to go hide in the closet! This includes the under gauchies. Get some matching sets.

    BTW, a little lace peeking through a pretty blouse is a sure fire way to get back that sexy feeling.

    It's Really About You

    What's the best thing you can do to get your sexy back?

    You can reconnect with yourself.

    The rest will take care of itself.


    (if you've never heard Tawanda, look up the movie 'Fried Green Tomatoes", on of my all time favourites with Kathy Bates, who is always good. If you have seen it, try to find it and watch it again.)


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    1. Mercola Says:

      I’d have to agree. Looking good is not all about physical appearances, most of the time it’s the way we carry ourselves and how we feel inside that matters.

    2. Short hairstyle Says:

      I would agree. Sexy starts and end with how we feel on the inside. I could be wearing a pair and jeans and a tank, an feel sexy. On the other hand if I am not into it, I could be wearing the my sexiest hot little summer dress with a pair of strappy heels and just not feeling sexy at all.

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    It is definitely the time of year to be getting back on board with a Fit Yummy Mummy 12 Week Challenge – I am counting down the days to being 10lbs lighter and 12 weeks stronger!

    Holly gives us assignments throughout the challenge, today it is to examine perfection and the effect that it has on our results – and how it can more likely than not cause more trouble than it saves. I am looking at that today.

    How about you. Has perfection ever brought you down in your efforts to lose weight or get healthier?