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    Your Mother was right…

    queenofkaossizzlinsand110.jpgwhen she said to sit up straight and watch your posture!

    Not only does it feel better, it knocks a few inches off the paunch AND strengthens your stomach and hip muscles. AND it allows your organs to function better as they aren’t schlumped together .

    Want a quick and easy way to start building muscle tone? Sit up straight and watch your posture, just like your mother told you to do!


    Be aware of how you are sitting, standing and walking, especially at the computer or standing over the counter doing dishes or preparing food, it seems easy to slump at these times.

    Pretending to have a string pulling from the the top of your head really does help.

    I have an exercise ball that I like to use at my desk (I accidently popped it while I was sitting on it, that was a fast landing! But I have found right away that I feel stiffer and less active from sitting on the chair I have for now)

    Are you walking? It gets so that it feels like a bummer if you don’t get to go, I find that, especially at this time of year.

    If you have been doing a bit, try bumping it up if you feel that you can. If you are pushing yourself and it feels good, don’t stop!

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    It is definitely the time of year to be getting back on board with a Fit Yummy Mummy 12 Week Challenge – I am counting down the days to being 10lbs lighter and 12 weeks stronger!

    Holly gives us assignments throughout the challenge, today it is to examine perfection and the effect that it has on our results – and how it can more likely than not cause more trouble than it saves. I am looking at that today.

    How about you. Has perfection ever brought you down in your efforts to lose weight or get healthier?