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    Healthy Sugar Substitute

    Sat, May 17, 2008

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    I stumbled upon a healthy substitute for sugar one morning while prying my eyeballs open making breakfast. 

    I recently started using plain yogurt with fruit and nuts/seeds and protein powder for breakfast instead of the flavoured kind that I had always used.

    I made a discovery – it tastes just as good without being overly sweet.

    This is great news for me because I am finding it increasingly difficult to find yogurt that isn't sweetened artificially.

    Plain yogurt is the number one choice (balkan is amazing -it's thicker than normal plain yogurt – I LOVE it!). 

    The other discovery that I made was that the protein powder was giving it a nice flavour boost as well as the fruit (usually canned unless I make a parfait).

    I found myself sprinkling it on like sugar.

    It occurred to me that there may be other places that you can use protein powder as a healthy sugar substitute. 

    How about on your cereal?

    What else do you sweeten with sugar (it probably won't fly with coffee or tea, but if you are having sugar with those, try reducing and then eliminating it anyway. After awhile you will prefer it without).

    It could be sprinkled on fruit. Sometimes sugar is used to sweeten up sour fruit or just to make it a treat.

    I like bananas with milk and a wee bit of brown sugar (I don't usually eat it that way, but it is a good dessert option), I bet protein powder would be good. 

    I'd love to hear your suggestions on places that sugar could be replaced with protein powder.

    TIP: Be sure to get a protein powder that has no artificial sweetener. The "cleaner" the better. Take the time to compare brands, there is a vast difference in nutritional value between them. 

    Get one with Whey Isolates, it absorbs better and faster. 

    As my main protein powder to use before and after work outs or when I want a pick me up, I am using Prograde that I purchased at Club FYM. I can feel the difference when I use it. My workouts are stronger, I feel a core energy that I don't seem to get with other brands.

    I did a comparison before I bought it, and it could be because it is really packed with additional nutritional value as well. 

    I also buy a supplemental protein powder to have on hand at Walmart, or sometimes my health food store, it depends on where I am and what's on sale.

    It can be expensive, so it's nice to save when possible.

    But don't skimp on value and remember the value that you are getting for your dollars.

    For me it is worth every penny to have an easy way to get good nutrition into my diet.

    It's easy to blow the same amount of money on junk if your not careful. I'd rather cut the junk and get the protein!

    And also for my kids. My son who has always been painfully skinny has started drinking them and I swear he is filling out before my eyes.

    It could be that he was lacking a key nutrient or just needed the nutritional boost that he is getting from having a smoothie most days (I also put frozen fruit, yogurt, rice milk and even sneak a bit of spinach in when I can. I have put some ground pumpkin seeds in too, but can't go over board, if he catches wind of it, he won't like it Guns)

    So, can you think of a way to use protein powder as a healthy sugar substitute?

    It’s Your Day to Shine

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    1. Anderson Says:

      Good post.It’s very useful for me,Thanks.

    2. Mike Says:

      What a great idea substituting the normal things kids eat with good stuff. I bet if you ever stopped he’d notice, and so what you. I think I’ll try that with my kids, thanks for the tip.

    3. payday loan software Says:

      when you wake up, your body is eating your muscle. Drink a whey protein shake right when you wake up to stop this fast!

    4. Shower cubicles Says:

      This is a great blog I like the info on the sugar. Its really helpped me out

      Jill xx

    5. Paul Says:

      I haven’t really looked into protein powder that much. However, I think if it is as natural as can be, then I don’t see any harm in using it. It’s better than sugar anyway. Just be very careful of what ingredients are in it. You can always go super natural and ground your own peanuts. I have done that in the past…a few times.

    6. instant personal loan Says:

      some of that stuff that is out there is hard to believe. Of course the only real good sugar for you is the naturally one that comes in the fruit and food like that.

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